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Google Firebase and Google Domains are unsurprisingly both owned by Google. However getting them to play nice is surprisingly not well documented. The following steps explain how to get a Firebase hosted web app served through a custom Google Domain.

You may have already identified a domain name or you might be about to spend the next 4 days philosophizing over Humans great unanswered question. or GoodName.crap

If you’re having trouble deciding, play around with a domain generation service like NameMesh and remember you can always change it later. …

So you followed the last post and now have a React App running on your Mac. That’s great, good for you. But now you want someone else to be able to use your app. Well greedy chops, read on.

In Terminal or VSC enter the following to install and login to Firebase.

npm install -g firebase-tools
firebase login

Make sure you are in your project directory and enter the following to initialize a Firebase setup for your app.

firebase init

This will give you the following list of options to install

So you’ve got a new Mac or revived a dying Mac with the ancient spell of FactoriumResetra. Either way, you’ve forgotten how to get setup for React Magic.

There have been issues with using Homebrew on M1 so the following is using NPM and manual installs to avoid issues.

Step 1: Install IDE

Your Code editor or Integrated development environment (IDE) is where you’ll be doing the majority of coding so it’s important to choose a good one. This used to be a hotly contested field but it’s slowly moving to a clear winner. Visual Studio Code (VSC), download here.

To open VSC from…

So you know React and you want a really easy backend that doesn’t require any new languages to be learnt. Setting up on Firebase couldn’t be cheaper and easier. Firebase has the following benefits to name a few.

  • Simple to setup | 5 mins
  • Free Hosting | Transfer 360 MB/day
  • Free Database | Up to 1GB stored
  • Free Authentication | Web is unlimited for free 😀
  • Free Analytics | No Limits
  • Basically Free Function Running | Up to 2M/month but $0.01 storage charge

The common misconceptions with Firebase is that it is better for Mobile App backends and that it…

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